Signature Wagyu Bone In Standing Ribeye Roast - 5 lb

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Signature Wagyu Bone In Standing Ribeye Roast - 5 lb

Our most popular centerpiece, blending Akaushi marbling with full flavored Angus.

This is the most popular centerpiece in our collection — a full-sized, bone-in show-stopping steak spectacular, boasting the huge ribeye flavor built on the beautiful marbling of our Signature Wagyu. Serve as a full roast or cut into impressive bone-in ribeye steaks.

Florence Fabricant of the The New York Times writes, "A gorgeous block of rib-eye ... the lush, tender beef raised in Texas is a cross between Akaushi, a Japanese Wagyu breed, and American Angus." Cook the roast "...until the internal temperature reaches 120 degrees F. (It might take less time than you expect.) Let it rest out of the oven, tented with foil, for 20 minutes before carving. It will creep up to about 130 degrees for medium-rare."

Our Heritage Wagyu roasts are a cross between the revered Japanese Red Cow, known as Akaushi, and one of America’s best lines of Black Angus. Akaushi beef is the Japanese Red Cow, a national treasure in Japan. Our Akaushi are sourced from the very same family of farms that first brought the breed to the States, Akaushi being perhaps the most marbled beef in the world. 

The elegant marbling of the Akaushi blended with the bold beefy flavor of the Black Angus results in a steak that is juicy and tender, a genuine testament to the difference that comes with well-raised animals.

  • Humanely raised
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Heritage breeds have more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat