Chef Laura Sauces

indiaid.jpg 70628159-2621481427894936-4934121514124443648-n.jpg Laura+Head+Shot (1)_edited_edited.jpg Executive Chef Laura

My name is Laura Smith and I have been creating delicious Thai and Indo-Asian meals since coming to the United States in 1991.  While growing up on the island of Java, I was one of 10 children and nothing brought our family together better than meals my mother, sisters and I would cook for the whole family.  This feeling of together instilled a love for cooking and good food as I grew up. 
Once in the United States, I experienced my first cooking mentor. While working at a Thai restaurant and hotel, I taught myself how to cook by watching him. It was there that I also discovered and fell in love with Thai cuisine as well as other Asian food.  My love of Thai food and my love of cooking inspired me to open my first restaurant where I could bring people together to experience delicious Asian dishes and let people explore tastes from that part of the world. 

Over the past twenty year, i learned more and more about South East Asian cuisine with dishes from Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Eventually, it was time to make my dream a reality and in 2002, I opened my first Indo-Thai restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. In 2009, I opened another Indo-Thai restaurant in Myrtle Beach and a year later 2010, one in Pawley's Island. 
My vision, whether it is with food or simply my sauces, is to gather people under one roof where they can enjoy the authentic tastes from the countries near where I grew up. I make every dish to sauce from only the freshest ingredients.  Everything is homemade, with the unique combination of spices known only to my old mentor (and me) so we provide our customers a unique culinary experience from my homeland. 
Thank you and I hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.