Red Clay Gourmet


"Feel Good Food" is our motto! We sincerely believe that food should make you feel good; it shouldn't be processed or full of ingredients you cannot pronounce. Good food is simple and uncluttered. If the ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves, the quality of the product will shine through. As consumers, you get what you pay for, and Red Clay Gourmet pimento Cheese does not disappoint! Our pimento cheese is made in small batches, by hand, with the highest quality products and the utmost attention to detail, which delivers superior value and a supremely fulfilling eating experience. We also utilize local ingredients, including jalapeños, banana peppers and goat cheese, as often as possible in an effort to support local farmers and to create the freshest pimento cheese on the market today. Our goal is to become the first choice of pimento cheese for you and your family.