Apple Bomb


There’s a whole apple in every Apple Bomb!

We hand-make each and every pie using only the finest and freshest ingredients found anywhere. Whole Fruit Pie Company evolved from Josh’s home kitchen and after years of trial and error, he came up with the perfect recipe and the Apple Bomb was born. After extensively testing our recipes on both family and friends alike, we finally got it right!

Josh grew up in Westchester, New York where apple picking at the local orchard with his family was a yearly event to celebrate the autumn harvest. His lifelong passion for country – fresh fruit pies, caramel apples from the county fair, and his mom’s “baked apple surprise” all came together to create the Maple Salted Caramel Apple Bomb!

Josh currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Diana, who runs the creative side of things and is also the official Whole Fruit Pie taster.

We hope you enjoy!

Josh Tabachnick