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Are you a Food Creator, Supplier / Brand and would like to be featured on Foodie City Network? Would you like to share your style of cooking and delicious foods & products within our food network?

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We have many options on our site where your brand & food products can be listed, featured and included on our site, store, market and through all Social Media Outlets. You can set up "Nationwide Orders / Shipping" on your website which can redirect your customers to your brand page where all your food & products are listed to sell & checkout within Foodie City Network!

We first request that you send us samples of your products to taste & try. We will then prepare recipes in our test kitchens! We will post the recipes we created, tag your brand, products etc.. and feature all the ingredients & steps w/ detailed images - which will be sent through our website and throughout all social media!

Also, we have created various programs such as our "Test Kitchen Packages", "Advertise, Marketing & Banner Campaigns", "Pay to Participate" etc... However, it's not necessary to pay in order to be included in our Foodie City Network. Contact

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