Broadleaf New Zealand Grass Fed Elk Burger - 4 oz - 40/Case

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Broadleaf New Zealand Grass Fed Elk Burger - 4 oz - 40/Case

Create flavorful yet healthy soups and entrees with this Broadleaf 4 oz. New Zealand grass fed elk burger! This burger comes from farm-raised elk that are allowed to roam and graze freely for the entirety of their lives. These elk are never administered antibiotics or hormones, creating truly all-natural meat that's bursting with flavor. Elk, also known as "wapiti," is one of the most prized game meats, renowned for its clean, slightly sweet, and rich flavor that's remarkably similar to beef. Elk meat has a much milder flavor than venison, with none of the "gaminess" associated with deer, but a distinctive, savory richness that sets it apart. Plus, this elk meat is a nutritious addition to your menu! It's lower in fat and calories than beef, but higher in protein, offering a leaner, healthier alternative. It's also packed with iron, B vitamins, and other essential nutrients, making it a great choice for patrons who are trying to eat healthy! To preserve its fresh flavor, this elk meat is carefully ground and portioned into consistent 4 oz. patties before being vacuum packed and frozen.

Adding elk burgers to your line of offerings helps to diversify your burger menu while adding rustic charm to your establishment. Your patrons will love sinking their teeth into these flavorful and juicy 4 oz. patties! When preparing these elk burgers, it's not recommended to cook them past medium doneness. Since elk is leaner than beef, it can become dry and somewhat chewy if overcooked. Once you've cooked your elk burgers to perfection and nestled them on fluffy buns, it's time to select your toppings! Elk's mild flavor makes it a perfect pairing for a wide variety of accompaniments and condiments. Counterbalance this meat's leanness by pairing it with slices of creamy avocado, crispy and fatty bacon, or even flavorful bacon jam! These burgers pair well with a wide variety of cheeses, though melty swiss and creamy, funky blue cheese are tried-and-true favorites. Amplify this burger's flavor by pairing it with juicy sliced tomatoes, rich caramelized onions, earthy sauteed mushrooms, or spicy arugula. For a hint of something sweet that complements this burger's wild origins, spread the bun with lingonberry or wild blueberry jam! No matter how you choose to serve it, this elk burger will make an enticing addition to your menu.

Set your menu apart from the competition with Broadleaf specialty and game meats! For over 3 decades, Broadleaf has been proud to work closely with devoted farmers in order to provide the highest quality meats. What began as an operation to farm and distribute New Zealand venison quickly grew into an international business; now Broadleaf's product line includes wagyu and Angus beef, lamb, venison, elk, wild boar, and other specialty game meats. Their strict quality control process ensures that their products meet stringent standards, making them a top choice for discerning chefs and adventurous eaters. Impress your guests with rare delicacies of exquisite quality when you serve Broadleaf specialty and game meats!

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