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  • I started with my fabulous Nambé Cheese Block as my base. The silver on the sides are actually hidden cheese knives.
  • 3 Cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano (from one of my favorite New York cheese shops called Murray’s), Dubliner 100% Natural Cheese which I sliced (from Kerrygold which can be found at Publix or Whole Foods), and a round Dubliner Cheese (also from Kerrygold). Sometimes I like a soft cheese like a goat as well. The key is that all cheeses are different shapes and textures.
  • 3 Salamis: Calabrese Salame (a well-spiced, richly-flavored, coarse-ground salami), Capocollo Salame (a lean and dry-cured for several months), and Prosciutto which I rolled. As long as you have a variety in shape and flavor, you are good to go! Also you can do thicker pieces with toothpicks if you feel fancy.
  • 2 Crackers: Water Crackers (round crackers by Carrs) and Italian Breadsticks (these are from Trader Joes)
  • Seedless Red Grapes… seedless being the key word here!
  • Two Small Bowls filled with crunchy snacks like unsalted nuts and wasabi peas
  • Rosemary for garnish
  • Cheese Knives {the proper etiquette is to have one knife per cheese as to not mix flavors} so here are some of my picks for great cheese knife sets that would perfectly compliment this board: Bone Handled Cheese Knives from Williams-Sonoma, Highlands Cheese Knives from Anthropologie, and the Rope Cheese Knife Set from Michael Aram.

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