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Century Harvest Farms Grass-fed Beef Salami



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We are Shona and Christopher Burger, and we are proud to be stewards of the soil that will grow the food that nourishes your family and ours. With our children, Cassidy and August, we farm 200 acres in Greenback, TN. We have been farming since 2007, and in that time we have learned a lot.

We believe that the greatest investment a person can make is in the soil, its sustainable cultivation, and in products that are farmed in sustainable ways. We value decisions that allow community food dollars to remain in the community by fertilizing with compost made from manure from the farm rather than exporting those dollars to oil producing countries for ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers (one of the byproducts of petrochemical refinement).

We are excited that you are interested in local, organically grown, and sustainably farmed foods, and we cordially invite you to explore our website and learn more.

Christopher & Shona Burger, 
Century Harvest Farms Proprietors

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