Foxys Slightly Spicy Redclay Gourmet Sriacha Mac-n-Cheese



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Foxys Slightly Spicy Redclay Gourmet Sriacha Mac-n-Cheese

Author: Foxy's Rockin Recipes

1 Package Great Low Carb Bread Company No GMO Kosher Low Carb Pasta
Salt of your preference to taste ( I use Pink Himalayan Salt)
Pepper of your type to taste ( I use a grinder with whole White Peppercorns)
One Package of Fat Free Low Calorie Cream Cheese
2 Cups Swiss Cheese Cut into small chunks
One Half Block of Garlic and Herb Infused 84% Butterfat Amish Roll Butter( no Artificial Ing.)
3 Tblsp. Minced Garlic
1 Tsp.Garlic Powder
1\4 Cup of 2% Milk
3 Tblsp. Sriracha Sauce of your choice ( may add more of less per your taste )I
1\4 Cup Olive Oil
Gather together all the ingredients needed for the recipie, including a large saucepan to
boil your pasta.
Fill your sauce pan with 6-8 quartz of water,the 1\4 Cup of Olive oil and a pinch of salt.
Bring water to a rolling boil.Put the pasta shape you've chosen into the saucepan and
boil per package instructions.
While you wait for the pasta to complete,mix the two Redclay cheeses,the salt,pepper,
cream cheese,Swiss Cheese,Garlic and Herb Butter,Minced Garlic,Garlic Powder,2% milk
and Sriracha together in a large bowl.
When pasta is cooked, drain well and rinse with HOT water.Place saucepan back on stove
and empty your large bowl of ingredients into the saucepan.Heat over low-medium heat.Stir
continuously and vigorously until all butter, Redclay cheeses,Swiss Cheese and Low Calorie 
Low Fat Cream Cheese are melted and are smooth and creamy.Depending on the brand's of 
Swiss Cheese and Low Fat Low Calorie Cream you have chosen, a bit more milk may be needed
to meet maximum smoothness and creaminess; only you will be the judge.
Once all is melted and smooth to your preference, put the still warm pasta you've chosen to use
in your sauce pan with your melted cheeses mix and fold in your pasta until all is covered well with
the melted cheeses mixture and all is ready to serve and Enjoy!!!
For those who prefer this dish not as spicy or spicier, one can adjust the taste to their liking by adding
or decreasing the amount of Sriracha sauce you use in this recipe....
Once again....Bon Appetite!!!

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