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Organic Flavored Pasta

Our great-tasting durum semolina flour is enriched with vegetables and spices to boost color and taste. Some of these noodles will surprise even the most trained palate.16oz (454g)

Available flavors:

Pumpkin and Rosemary Elbows

Tomato Basil Macs

Romesco Mohawks

¡Holy Chipotle! Macs

Bollywood Sardinians

Jalapeño Pac-Macs

Paglia e Fieno Mohawks

Ajo & Oio Twins

Soup Dynamos

Durum wheat was developed by artificial selection of the domesticated emmer wheat strains formerly grown in Central Europe and the Near East around 7000 B.C., that developed a naked, free-threshing form. Durum in Latin means “hard”, and the species is the hardest of all wheats. Its high protein content, as well as its strength, make durum perfect for the production of pastasciutta. In fact, Italian law requires that all dry pasta is made exclusively by durum flour, or semolina, as a guarantee that consumers get the real deal.

Our organic durum wheat flour comes predominantly from the Rocky Mountains region of the US (Montana and, in minor quantities, Colorado and Utah) and is a blend of different flours. The grain is milled finely to allow a consistent extrusion. The extraction rate we ask to our miller is much higher than average (70% instead of 60-65%) in order to have a semolina richer in nutrients and minerals. Hence, the flavor of the semolina, exalted by our slow-drying and cold water kneading techniques, is deeper and more complex.

We use organic freeze-dried powdered vegetables and spices to flavor our organic durum semolina pasta.