Sous-Vide Egg Bite - Spinach & Feta

Trois Petits Cochons'
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Sous-Vide Egg Bite - Spinach & Feta

We are very excited to carry Les Trois Petits Cochons' new line of Sous-Vide Egg Bites. They are available in four different varieties. Each Variety Sold Separately.:

  • Bacon & Swiss
  • Spinach & Feta
  • Prosciutto & Gruyère
  • Ham & Espelette

All made using cage-free eggs. The sous-vide method of cooking allows for a refined texture and uniquely retained flavor. These egg bites are the perfect high-protein snack, low in carbs, and contain 0g of sugar. Cook them in a microwave, toaster oven, skillet or enjoy on the go at room temperature!

Each Variety Sold Separately.

  • Gluten-Free
  • Cage-Free Eggs
  • 0g Sugar
  • All-Natural
  • 1g Carbs
  • 10g Protein

Microwave: Open plastic packaging slightly to vent. With egg bite in packaging, microwave on high for 40-60 seconds, until heated through.

Toaster Oven: Preheat toaster oven to 350° F. Remove egg bite from plastic and place in toaster oven for 5 to 10 minutes or until heated through.

Skillet: Remove egg bit from plastic. Place on skillet at medium to high heat until golden brown on all sides.

A quick snack: Enjoy at room temperature.

Each Variety Sold Separately. (Bacon & Swiss, Spinach & Feta, Prosciutto & Gruyère or Ham & Espelette)