Knekkebrød Norwegian Crisp Bread - 1 bag - multiple flavors

Olivia of Norway
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Knekkebrød Norwegian Crisp Bread - 1 bag

each back includes 6 - 8 crisp bread

Flavors - Classic Plain, Sea Salt, Rutabaga Cranberry & Almond

Custom requests available

Norwegians have a long tradition of baking Crispbread; we call it Knekkebrød and it can be found in virtually every home. We eat these delicious, healthy, crunchy Crispbreads with all our meals. For breakfast, try it with butter and your favorite jam. For lunch, enjoy as an alternative to bread with toppings like cheese, paté, smoked salmon or salami. At dinner, it’s a wonderful accompaniment to your favorite dish and it pairs perfectly with soups and salads. It’s incredibly versatile!

Baked with whole grains and seeds, my Knekkebrød is a tasty and healthful alternative to processed crackers and bread!