Fire Stingers Magnum Fully Cooked Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings, 7.5 lb

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Fire Stingers Magnum Fully Cooked Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings, 7.5 lb 


Nothing beats the fiery crunch of these Fire Stingers Magnum fully cooked spicy breaded chicken wings! These bone-in chicken wings pack a tender, meaty bite combined with the slow-building, hot and spicy kick of its crunchy, cayenne pepper seasoned breading. A classic, popular menu item that's great for game-day celebrations in your sports bar, serve these hot wings in a lined food basket with french fries and a side of celery, bleu cheese or ranch dip, and a hoppy IPA to cleanse the palate. For your piquant-loving customers, crank up the heat by smothering these wings in your signature buffalo sauce!

These wings are fully cooked and prepared, allowing you to eliminate valuable prep time and only worry about heating and getting them to your customers as fast as possible. To best prepare these wings, it is recommended to deep fry from frozen at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 to 7 minutes until fried to crispy perfection. They have a consistent piece count range, ranging from 75-150 wings per case to help you calculate consistent serving costs.