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Cheers! This kit full of indulgent treats makes the perfect New Year’s gift for socially-distant celebrations that raise the bar. From Italian treats to American delicacies, this toast in a box gift box is the only way to ring in the new year. 

Antipasto Meat Tray by Fratelli BerettaThis tray of classic Italian charcuterie contains 3 ounces each of sliced prosciutto, Italian dry salami, black pepper salami, and coppa ham. With some bread, olives, and a bottle of champagne or two, you're all set for an impromptu party. 

Little Hosmer Cheese by Jasper HillVermont’s Little Hosmer is an approachable and nuanced soft-ripened cheese. Beneath its thin, bloomy-rind lies a gooey, milky core showing a complex array of flavors at peak ripeness: cauliflower, crème fraiche, and toasted nuts.

Fried and Salted Marcona Almonds by Don Juan Spain's most prized possession in the form of a smooth, tan almond. Known as the "Queen of Almonds", the Marcona is the most precious in Spain and is indigenous to the country. It is sweet and softer than most almonds. 

Organic Mousse Basque by Les Trois Petits Cochons: This French Organic Mousse Basque is a classic chicken liver-based smooth pâté spiced up with Piment d'Espelette. Serve simply with fresh baguette or toasted points with a light salad.

Shortbread Cookies by Rustic BakeryThis All-American cookie is a sweet and simple treat. Using Straus butter and organic flour, this shortbread is brimming with Valhrona chocolate chips. No nuts, great for children!

French Blinis by GourmandisesThese blinis from France are the perfect platform for caviar, smoked salmon, pate, or a dab of tapenade. Made with wheat flour, they taste fresh from the oven after a few minutes in the toaster or oven.

Dom Petroff Sturgeon CaviarSustainable caviar at its finest, White Sturgeon Caviar Royal (acipenser transmontanus) is farm-raised in Northern California. It is quite similar to Ossetra with the medium-sized beads yielding a buttery, almost sweet flavor.

Creme Fraiche by Vermont CreameryThis French specialty is traditionally made with unpasteurized cream. However, this version is pasteurized and made in Vermont. It is a rich treat that is perfect for thickening sauces and soups because it can be boiled without curdling.

Fromage Fruit Spread for Cheese by Les Folies Fromage (The Cheese Follies): has created wonderful fruit spread specifically designed for certain types of cheese. Made in the French Pyrénées, these spreads will add a new dimension to your old favorites.

Artisanal Savory Cheese Biscuits by Okina: These Italian Biscuits are made simply with wheat flour, sheep's milk cheese, butter, milk, sugar and salt. It is virtually impossible to stop at one. Delicious on their own as a snack or a special treat.

Roth Kase Grand Cru Surchoix Cut & Wrapped: Wisconsin-made Grand Cru Gruyère is made in accordance with time-tested Alpine cheese-making methods. Expert cheesemakers use imported copper vats to transform fresh milk from family farms into this award-winning cheese.

Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar Cut & WrappedThe secret behind this English cheeses unique character lies in using a collection of traditional starter cultures for which the Barber family are the sole guardians. Only the best leave with the 1833 stamp.

Mini Toasts by Les Petits Cochons: These French toasts are ideal with paté, cheese, smoked salmon or caviar. In addition, they contain no artificial colors or preservatives. A great alternative to plain, old, boring crackers, these mini toasts will surely be noticed at your next party or intimate gathering.

Beemster's Goat Milk Gouda Cheese Cut & Wrapped This Dutch Gouda is aged for 4 months, developing a wonderfully clean, sweet taste and smooth texture. Decidedly different from fresh chevre, this cheese is sure to please even those who are not goat cheese connoisseurs, making it the perfect cheese for serving to friends and family.

Raspberry Pearls by Terra Del Tuono: These Italian Raspberry Pearls are 100% real raspberry juice. Makes the perfect addition to any cocktail or on toast, ice creams and desserts.

ChocoHigos by Mitica: These chocolate-covered figs from Spain are made from naturally dried Pajarero  Figs enrobed in 56% dark chocolate from Caro. They made the perfect indulgent after-dinner treat or addition to any charcuterie board.  

Crispy French Waffle Crackers by Tresors GourmandsThese French bite-sized waffle crackers might be the perfect cracker! Light enough to not overpower your topping, but just the right thickness to not fall apart while you dress it with your favorite spread.

Castelvetrano Olives by BonoThese vibrant green Sicilian olives are bright, sweet, buttery and crisp.

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