Boursin Cheese Mashed Potatoes

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Boursin Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
30 mins
Author: Mirlandra Neuneker
Recipe type: Potato
Cuisine: American
Serves: 6 servings
  • 3 pounds of yellow or gold potatoes
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • ⅓ cup heavy cream
  • 5 Tbsp. butter
  • 1 tsp. Better than Bouillon Chicken Bouillon
  • 1 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 Boursin cheese, your favorite flavor (Garlic & Herb and Shallot & Chive are favorites)
  • additional Boursin cheese to garnish, optional
  • fresh chives to garnish, optional
  1. Cover a large pot of water and put it on the stove to boil.
  2. Peel potatoes. For fastest cutting use and apple corer to slice each potato. For medium sized potatoes lay the potato on its side and press down. For large potatoes, slice the potato in half and place the halves on a cutting board flat side down. Then cut with corer. If any pieces are twice as big as others cut them in half.
  3. Place potato chunks in boiling water with the salt. Bring to a boil again and then turn down to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes until the potatoes are just fork tender.
  4. Meanwhile, microwave cream and butter for 45 seconds until warm and at least partly melted. Stir in bouillon and black pepper. Set aside.
  5. When potatoes are ready, drain in a calendar. Put potatoes in a stand mixer fitted with a whip. Add cream mixture. Beat on low speed until about half the lumps are gone. Scrape down the sides.
  6. Cut Boursin cheese into at least 12 pieces and add to the mixture. Beat on low again until mixture is smooth, less than 45 seconds. Do not overbeat or potatoes will develop a glue like texture.
  7. Garnish with additional Boursin cheese and fresh chives if desired. Serve hot.

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