Bacon Wrapped 20/30 Natural Sea Scallops - 10/Case

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Bacon Wrapped 20/30 Natural Sea Scallops - 10/Case 

1lb x 10 packs 
  • Natural, dry scallops with no added chemicals or water
  • Wild-caught and sustainably harvested; Immediately layered on ice, and rapidly frozen right off the boat
  • Portioned into 10 convenient 1 lb. packs for easy portion control
  • Appetizer-sized scallops yielding 20 to 30 per pound, individually wrapped in bacon slices
  • Ships frozen
  • The Scallop Guys

Offer your customers a delicious and ethical seafood option with sustainably harvested, 100% natural, wild-caught sea scallops from The Scallop Guys. Shucked by hand and sorted by size after retrieval off the shores of New Bedford, Massachusetts, these 20/30 scallops are immediately stored on ice before being individually quick frozen, and individually wrapped in bacon slices before being portion-packed upon arrival at the processing facility. Your guests can have a fresh scallop experience with a clean conscience when enjoying these succulent sea scallops that are easy to store, prepare, and serve.

Delicate, supple scallops have a mildly sweet and buttery flavor, with a briny undertone reminiscent of sea salt. Scallops are a versatile seafood choice with an impressive nutritional profile to appease even the most health-conscious customers. Low in fat and cholesterol, these mollusks pack a protein punch, offering a wholesome 20 grams per serving along with high levels of potassium, Omega-3s, and vitamin B12. These prepared bacon-wrapped scallops save time over wrapping your own scallops in bacon, minimizing unnecessary labor and saving valuable storage space in your coolers and freezers. Coat with sweet brown sugar glaze and pair with spicy Sriracha aioli for a simple passaround, or serve atop a heap of creamy white wine-sauced pasta for a luxurious entree. Sea scallops take on any flavors that they are combined with, from the simplest to the most robust, so their preparation options are endless.

Keep scallops frozen in their individual packs until ready to use. To thaw overnight, remove desired number of scallops from vacuum-sealed packaging and place in a dish. Cover with paper towels or plastic wrap and thaw in the refrigerator for next-day use. To thaw for immediate use, vent one corner of each of the desired number of packs and submerge in a bowl of cold water, ensuring that the openings remain above the water line. Thaw 1 to 2 hours until completely room temperature. When ready to prepare, pat scallops dry with a paper towel to remove as much surface moisture as possible. Sear over high heat in sizzling oil for 2 to 3 minutes per side for a stunning golden-brown presentation, grill over high heat for 2 to 3 minutes to form striking grill marks, or bake at 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes for a crispy, juicy appetizer that keeps your guests coming back for more. Their mildness and versatility appeal to many palates, making them a must-have seafood option for your menu.

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