Alaskan Giant Snow Crab Legs Bairdi - 20 lb

Alaskan Seafood
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Alaskan  Giant Snow Crab Legs Bairdi  - 20 lb

Stock-up with a case of Alaska Giant Snow Crab, and you'll be ready for entertaining, parties, or always having a special treat on-hand for your family! With out bulk discount, buying a case of a succulent Bairdi is a great way to enjoy an Alaska crab feast without "breaking the bank". It's the biggest and best snow crab you'll ever eat!


Our Bairdi clusters average 3/4 pound each! Succulent, sweet, and flavorful, these spectacular legs & claws are full of flavorful & delicate crab meat.

Grab the family and call your friends, it's time for a feast! Invite the neighbors too.

Snow crab legs arrive in cluster form. (The legs and a claw are attached, in a “cluster”.) Note that sometimes partial clusters, or single legs are included, to facilitate packing the quantity that is ordered.