True Made Foods Hot Sauce Original Veracha, Paleo Friendly, Non-GMO, 6 pack

If you love Sriracha, You should try our vegetable filled version. Vegetables + Sriracha = Veracha.

1 case includes 6 of 18 oz bottles.

Veracha Sauce is Paleo Certified. 

Veracha has NO ADDED SUGAR.

What’s so different?  We added vegetables to it – specifically tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and butternut squash. With the exception of the vinegar and salt, every single ingredient in this product is a vegetable. Spicy, flavorful, delicious and paleo certified, Veracha makes every dish better! We put if on everything from eggs to sandwiches to curry dishes!

How hot is it?  While Veracha has the same consistency of Sriracha, we’re not quite as spicy. We add pureed jalapeños and a dash of cayenne to give our Veracha a kick, but the complex flavors of our vegetables help dampen the heat. The flavor starts light and natural and ends with a nice heat that will have you coming back for more. Go ahead and try it, we dare you not to like it.


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