Stuffed Grape Leaves - 4.4 lb

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Stuffed Grape Leaves - 4.4 lb

Serve an authentic Greek-style treat thanks to these stuffed grape leaves. Each grape leaf is stuffed with a delicious blend of rice, onions, salt, pepper, mint, oil, and other various spices in order to create a snack bursting with flavor. Plus, these are great to add as a nutritional appetizer or serve as part of a tantalizing snack tray, since their small size makes them easy to share. Guests will love the mix of fresh ingredients down to the very last stuffed grape leaf!

Best of all, these stuffed grape leaves are premium quality and imported from Turkey. They also come ready to serve, reducing prep time in your kitchen. Simply open the container and arrange them on the plate. Guests will enjoy this healthy option and the blend of tastes it brings to your menu. One container comes with up to 60 stuffed grape leaves, ensuring you have an ample supply to serve.