Spicy Cauliflower Keto Soup - 2 Pack

Kettle & Fire
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Spicy Cauliflower Keto Soup - 2 Pack

Keto Cauliflower Soup is Spicy, delicious and Made With Chicken Bone Broth & 3 Net Carbs
Introducing the first ever mouthwatering spicy cauliflower keto friendly soup made with bone broth. Nutritious, delicious, and ready to eat in seconds


One of the most common reasons why diets fail is a lack of quick, convenient foods that taste good while complying with dietary restrictions. Unfortunately for keto dieters, healthy on-the-go snacks are almost nonexistent.

With Kettle & Fire’s keto cauliflower soup we’re changing that—giving you a wholesome pantry staple that you eat anywhere, anytime.

Our Spicy Keto Cauliflower Soup Is:

  • Simmered for 20+ hours
  • Is very keto friendly (3 net carbs per serving, 7g fat per serving, 8g protein per serving)
  • Made with organic vegetables, and spices
  • Free from hormones and antibiotics
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Non-GMO & MSG free
  • No added sugars or preservatives
  • Calories: 110 per serving


Pure, Clean Nutrition in Every Sip

What makes our Spicy Keto Cauliflower Soup so unique?

Kettle & Fire's creamy cauliflower soup is a delicious tool for making keto the way you live, instead of the way you try to live. When you're hankering for something tasty in the middle of the day, this will satisfy you AND keep you carb-free. And suddenly, that vending machine won't seem so appealing anymore.

Each carton of keto cauliflower soup is high in fat, low in carbs, made with organic ingredients, and infused with the only bone broth with over 10,000+ five-star reviews. But you know what’s even better? It tastes mouthwatering. This is the convenient pantry essential that you and your family can enjoy eating over and over again.

What's in our Spicy Keto Cauliflower Soup?

  • Organic chicken bone broth concentrate (which adds extra collagen)
  • 8 grams of protein per serving, 3 net carbs per serving
  • Contains collagen
  • Water, Organic Coconut Cream (organic coconut kernal extract, water), Cauliflower Puree, Organic Cauliflower
  • Contains Less Than 2% of Onions, Tomato Powder, Xanthan Gum, Spices (includes mustard), Salt, Sea Salt, Maltodextrin, Organic Spices
  • Garlic Powder, Turmeric, Organic Turmeric, Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper, Onion Powder, Organic Mustard, Oleoresin Paprika

All our keto soups are made with free range organic chicken bones and slow simmered for 20+ hours. Every ingredient is carefully selected to give you clean, easily absorbable energy and nutrition.

Kettle & Fire soups aren’t just for keto dieters. With no added sugars or preservatives, our recipes fit a wide range of dietary guidelines.


Our soups take just seconds to heat up and come in convenient portable cartons to go with you anywhere from the office, to the subway, to the great outdoors. All our soups taste amazing as a grab-and-go snack right out of the package, but also make a great base for your favorite recipes.