Organic Quinoa Crackers - Variety Pack - Pack of 4 - New Beat Foods

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Organic Quinoa Crackers - Variety Pack - Packof 4 - New Beat Foods

  • 4 PACK VARIETY - Each 4 Pack of New Beat Foods Gluten-Free Quinoa Crackers contains four 4 oz boxes, one of each flavor: Sesame Swing, Cranberry Chorus, Play it Simple, and Trio. Bonus - Your purchase includes a free eBook “Secrets to Perfect Pairings”.
  • THE ORIGINAL QUINOA CRACKER - New Beat Foods is a gluten free, hand-crafted, artisan food company that produces a line of delicious crunchy, flavorful gluten-free crackers that people simply love. Thin, crispy and nutritious. Quinoa is the main ingredient in all our crackers and is a complete protein packed with fiber.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - Made with a base of 100% organic quinoa, an ancient superfood seed revered by the Aztecs, New Beat crackers are baked with wholesome, organic, naturally gluten-free and deliciously flavorful seeds, herbs, spices, and (in some flavors) organic dried fruit—and no processed anything. Nut free. Gluten free. Major allergen free. And free from any fillers, starches, gums or flours.
  • SIMPLY DELICIOUS - You don’t have to be gluten free to love them! Crisp, crunchy & flavorful - New Beat crackers are not only delicious, they’re positively craveable. Every bite bursts with real flavor and fabulous texture that holds up to all your favorite cheeses, dips, nut butters and spreads.
  • SIMPLY BAKED - Hand baked in small batches artisan style with a base of organic quinoa and other nutritious gluten-free grains and seeds. Baked in an allergen free kitchen, free of nuts, dairy, wheat, and GMOs in Longmont, Colorado.

Tired of gluten free crackers that taste like cardboard?

Then it’s time to try Boulder Colorado’s favorite gluten free cracker from New Beat Foods.

New Beat Food’s Mission is to make nutritious AND delicious gluten free foods that everyone will love.

We only use the best natural ingredients – nothing artificial…ever. We never use any starches, gums or flour! Our crackers are made with organic ingredients – nutritious – delicious.

Why Choose New Beat Foods?
Gourmet artisan crackers handmade in small batches
Gluten Free and Major Allergen Free
Crispy & Extra Crunchy
Naturally Flavorful
Fabulous texture that holds up to all your favorite cheeses, dips, nut butters & spreads
Made in USA

We recommend eating within 5 months for best flavor. You can freeze them!

Flavors included in the Variety Cracker 4 Pack:

Snappy contrast of tangy sweetness and toasty crunch. Made with whole grain quinoa, healthy pumpkin seeds & apple sweetened cranberries.

Flaky rolled oats give this sturdy-yet-tender cracker a rich, buttery texture. Made with whole grain quinoa, healthy pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

A harmonious blend of sweet & savory and crispy & thin. Made with a mix of natural and black sesame seeds.

This delicious cracker has all the flavor of a (thin, crisp, gluten-free) everything bagel. Made with whole grain quinoa, organic poppy seeds, organic chia seeds and organic amaranth seeds.