Fresh Black Trumpet Mushrooms - priced per pound

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Black Trumpet Mushrooms - priced per pound

Fresh wild black trumpet mushrooms for sale. Very rich, buttery mushrooms w/earthiness great for soups.

Black trumpet mushrooms are the most flavorful and unique of all the wild winter mushrooms. You will find the texture of this mushroom, very versatile and appealing. With a unique color and earthy flavor, they will add depth to your favorite dishes. Cook with fresh herbs, white wine and cream and serve on top of some fresh pasta for a delicious and simple treat.

The Black Trumpet Mushroom (Craterellus cornucopioides) is a distinctly trumpet-shaped relative of the Chanterelle. It's cap is thin and gently ruffled, and without gills. It grows in large clusters among dead leaves of deciduous woods. Depending on the region, the season can range from late summer to quite late winter.  Primarily velvety brownish-black in color, the black trumpet may display silvery-gray coloration on its underside.

The taste of the black trumpet mushroom is sublime - smoky and sweet with a deep mushroomy flavor that is equal to that of the better known morel mushroom. Also known as the Horn of Plenty and Black Chanterelle, the delicious black trumpet mushroom is very versatile in the kitchen and shines in almost any dish.  Try fresh black trumpet mushrooms in egg and pasta dishes, with fowl, meats,  fish and other seafood (its dark color making a striking contrast with pale-colored fish).

Fresh black trumpet mushrooms can be difficult to find in the wild.  If you don't live close to where they normally grow, it's usually far easier to buy fresh black trumpet mushrooms online.

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