Fiskeboller Vesteraalens Norwegian Fish Balls - 800 g

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Fiskeboller Vesteraalens Norwegian Fish Balls


The Vesteraal fishing bowls are always made of FRESH haddock and cod caught in clean, cold sea on the fishing fields off Vesterålen. Vesteraalen's fish bowls are made from the same good recipe for over 100 years, and are a regular feature on many dinner tables in Norway.
Good and healthy dinner for the whole family
Fits particularly well for dinner - traditionally in white sauce served with vegetables and bacon.
Fish (56%, haddock / cod), milk, water, potato starch, salt, spices, dye e171. put down in fishing power.

Fiskeboller, literally meaning fish balls, is a classic Norwegian dish made from minced white fish, flour, eggs, and milk. A hearty dinner staple for most Norwegians, fiskeboller are typically served in thick white sauce along with steamed vegetables, usually carrots, and boiled potatoes.

Since they resemble dumplings, they are also commonly referred to as fish dumplings and are typically made from cod, haddock, or pollock. Eaten on their own, the fish balls have a very mild, almost bland taste, which is why a favored version calls for the addition of curry powder and shrimp to the plain béchamel sauce for an exotic twist to the dish and a more pleasing flavor.

Fiskeboller can also be added to fish soups and stews. They can either be made from scratch or bought fresh or ready to eat in canned and tinned versions available in supermarkets throughout Norway. In fact, the Norwegian fiskeboller brand Vesteraalens has been producing more than a million cans of this national culinary delight annually, for over 100 years now.

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