Ekte Geitost (Norwegian Brown Cheese) - Sliced - Brunost

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Ekte Geitost (Norwegian Brown Cheese) - Sliced - Brunost
130 grams, about 12 slices.
Most Norwegians have grown up with this highly regarded brown cheese. 
Tine Real Goat Cheese, also known as just FG33, is a rich and powerful brown cheese with a caramel-like taste, made from goat´s milk. 

Norway’s national cheese

Most Norwegians eat the brown cheese on their sandwiches, cut into thin slices by using a cheese slicer, (another Norwegian invention). However, the cheese can also be used on waffles, and as an ingredient in e.g. brownies or sauces.

Norwegian brown cheese has a centuries long tradition, made by leftover whey and sugar, originally from goat's milk. It is one of Norway's most well-known signature foods, and goes very well with whole wheat bread and butter or some jam/jelly.
Gudbrandsdalsost: The original dark cheese with a distinct sweet caramel taste and a dark color with a mix of goat milk and cow milk.
Fløtemysost: Perhaps the most popular of the brown cheeses in Norway. It has a lighter color than the traditional gudbrandsdalsost, and is made primarily of heavy cream and whey.
Millom: A sweet, round taste, something in between fløtemysost and gudbrandsdalsost. A bit darker than fløtemysost, while lighter than gudbrandsdalsost.
Fløtemysost light: Less fat and calories than the regular fløtemysost.
Ekte geitost/real goat cheese: Brown cheese made 100% of goat milk, goat whey and goat cream.
Innherredost: Yet another dark cheese with a very sweet taste.

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