Champignon Mushroom Brie Cheese - 5 lb

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Champignon Mushroom Brie Cheese - 5 lb

Impress your customers with a uniquely flavored, luxuriously smooth triple-creme cheese with this Champignon mushroom brie cheese! Produced exclusively with cow's milk from the Allgau region of Bavaria, Germany, this cheese is crafted using traditional methods and high quality ingredients. This bloomy rind cheese is studded with diced pieces of hand-picked German button mushrooms that are harvested at the peak of freshness. The addition of the mushrooms creates an earthy flavor with distinct ripe mushroom notes, which is balanced perfectly with the buttery flavor and creamy texture of the triple-creme brie base.

Perfect as a flavorful addition to a cheese or charcuterie board, this cheese is best served at room temperature for a gooey, soft spreadable cheese, paired with a slice of artisan bread or crisp crackers. For a twist on a signature dish, mix this cheese into a cream of mushroom soup for a decadent, extra-creamy appetizer. Or, create a delicious grilled tomato and brie sandwich for a simple, yet tasty lunch dish at your cafe. This soft-ripened brie pairs well with crisp white wine, like Pinot Grigio and Riesling, or with full-bodied red wine, like Chianti or Bordeaux. No matter how you use this mushroom brie, your guests will be wowed by the unique, earthy flavor.

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