Caramore Norwegian Brown Cheese - 8.8 oz

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Caramore Norwegian Brown Cheese - 8.8 oz

Caramore is made from whey, cow’s and goat’s milk, and cream. This mixture is caramelized and boiled to perfection, hence the brown color. The taste is sweet and fudge-like, with a hint of goat’s milk. This traditional Norwegian cheese can be enjoyed on waffles and pancakes, warm bread, sliced apples and bananas, on apple pie or used in a brunost ice cream sauce.

In the 1860s Anne Hov, a Norwegian farmer’s wife, invented the Gudbrandsdalen brown cheese, which has become one of the national symbols of Norway.

  • Ingredients: Rennet whey, Pasteurized goat's milk, Pasteurized cow's cream, Sugar, Pasteurized cow's milk, Lactic acid.
  • Photo depicts whole 8.8 ounce form of cheese.

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