We're All About High-Quality Protein and Beneficial Fat

Why Collagen?

For years, the bodybuilding, protein-gorging community has maligned collagen for its inessentiality and lack of input into the muscle-protein synthesis process.From their perspective, it sort of makes sense.Why bother with protein like gelatin/collagen when you can pound the whey, eat the meat, and focus on other sources of the essential amino acids directly involved in building muscle?


Why avocado oil?

It does not take much digging to figure out that the most of the oils we eat in this country are fantastically poor choices.There is the heavy processing to consider as well as the GMO sourcing, the rancidity, and dramatic omega fatty acid imbalance to name a few unsavory points.Sure, we make different choices in our own kitchens, but sometimes we find ourselves wishing we could