A few years ago, I started following the Paleo diet and immediately saw an improvement in how I felt physically and mentally. I realized that many of the foods I had always eaten had had a negative impact on my health. It also became easy to stay lean and keep my athletic training focused while eating Paleo.  There are very few paleo snack options that taste great and can be taken anywhere yet the need is there. I started making my own paleo snacks and sharing them with friends and athletes who also felt this same need. I felt like this was an awesome opportunity to provide enjoyable, nutritious snacks. My hope is that we can help you eat healthy as your life takes you beyond the kitchen.



Paleo Prime was created to provide healthy, delicious Paleo snacks. When you are away from the kitchen, eating Paleo can be challenging but does not have to be impossible. We want you to have quality, nutrient dense Paleo options anywhere you may go. 

You can expect only simple, high quality “Paleo” ingredients in our products. “Paleo” ingredients are grain-free, dairy-free and naturally gluten-free. Our products are made in small batches with lots of care. I encourage you to try our products and wish you luck on your personal journey towards truly healthful eating and fitness.




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