Our Story

Nibble Chocolate is handcrafted in small batches from single origin cocoa beans with only two ingredients in San Diego, California.

Our story began with a simple idea which suddenly took a life of its own. Like many people, we have always been chocolate lovers, but as we became more health conscious, we realized how difficult it was to find chocolate with a lot of chocolate. Yes, that is exactly what we mean. Most chocolate bars we found had tons of ingredients and a very low actual cocoa percentage.  So one day we thought it would be a great idea to make and sell real chocolate from which we could derive all its health benefits.  Little did we know that this was going to become not only our passion but our lifestyle. Long story short: we are hooked on all things chocolate!

Once we started digging into the beautiful life of chocolate we realized how underestimated it is, and having worked in the wine industry for over 11 years, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities of chocolate to wine. To our surprise, not a lot of people thought of it this way either.

And then, we were suddenly submerged in chocolate! We went and got our Professional Chocolatier and Chocolate Maker certifications. We breathed chocolate, we dreamt in chocolate, and of course, we made and made chocolate.

After multiple recipe trial and error attempts we realized that the less ingredients we added, the more we could taste its natural deliciousness. So we decided to just keep it naked and only added organic sugar for sweetness. Finally, we found the perfect roasting, refining and conching technique, a process that lasts several days, but enables the cocoa bean to reach its true origin flavors. It is so worth the wait!

The result:
+    Ethical chocolate with no artificial flavors, chemicals, GMOs, or any of those shenanigans that trick our taste buds.
+    Real Chocolate that is diligently handcrafted and represents its true origin.
+    Mouthwatering Chocolate that will just force you to close your eyes.

We know you will want to devour it, but take your time, that is why it’s called “Nibble”.

David & Sandra
Professional Chocolate Nibblers

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