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Love Maine Lobster?

We began to look for ideas to market Maine lobster in the summer of 2012 when the boat price for lobsters was very low. After watching dogs enjoy lobster the idea began to make a dog treat. "Lobster Treats for Salty Dogs" were created. Dogs love them!

Now for our "Gourmet Maine Lobster Crackers". After hearing so many people say "lucky dogs eating lobster" Greg came up with the idea to make crackers for people made with lobster. We developed the recipe, won an award, and here we are! We make them with Maine lobster that Greg catches here in Friendship, delicious butter made in Maine and other quality ingredients. Delicious!!

Friendship Lobster Treats LLC began in 2012. We were looking for other ways to market Friendship Maine lobster. My niece came to visit and her dogs were crazy over lobster. An idea was started.


Gourmet Lobster Crackers & Lobster Treats for Dogs


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