Since their family has always loved food and so many of their family traditions revolved around food; from their nightly family dinners around the dinner table to large family reunions – food was always involved; the Riess family wanted to create a different peanut butter. A peanut butter that is delicious, but that also gave back to the local and global communities. They created PB Crave peanut butters.

In addition to delicious flavors; PB Crave is different, because we are giving back. A minimum of 2% profits from every jar of PB Crave peanut butter is given to Project Peanut Butter.

In addition to making a difference the Riess family wanted to make sure that they made the peanut butter differently. PB Crave sources only the best ingredients worldwide. Including all natural US grown peanuts, imported Brazillian organic honey, imported Belgian chocolate chips, as well as other premium ingredients for all of our flavors. Not only is PB Crave making a difference, it is made different.

Our Values

Passion drives everything we do. We want to be the best at what we do — and how we do it. That’s why we’ve built our culture on the values that we cherish most:

  • Live Well
  • Be Well
  • Eat Well


PB Crave believes consumers expect more from peanut butter, and from us. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving back, globally as well as in our community.

We participate in the Minnesota Keystone Initiative and give a minimum of 2 percent of our profits from every jar of PB Crave to Project Peanut Butter. We are also investing additional funds to create awareness to promote direct giving to Project Peanut Butter.


To have a healthy business, we need a healthy environment. PB Crave is committed to minimizing our impact on the world.


Food safety is a priority in all areas of the supply chain — from sourcing to processing, warehousing to shipping. We have HACCP plans in place in all processing and production areas to ensure optimal compliance with the strictest food safety regulations.

We ensure safe, high-quality products by following an HACCP-based comprehensive food safety and quality program, developed by our staff of food scientists and in-house quality lab technicians. Our employees receive ongoing training and are part of a culture where quality is a way of life.


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