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At Nanga Chocolate we create tasty, nutrient packed, herbal chocolate snacks to nourish your mind and body. Hand-crafted from responsibly sourced, fairly traded, organic ingredients, our chocolates are made with love and integrity in Colorado.

What is Nanga?

In Hindi, Nanga means naked, and it's how we make our chocolates - true to the natural world and using only the highest quality organic ingredients. In addition Nanga is the name of one of the world's tallest peaks, Nanga Parbat, or Naked Mountain. Inspired by this picturesque giant we seek to embody the spirit of the mountain in everything we do, so we like our chocolate in the buff - pure wholesome life nourishing ingredients, and nothing else! We are naked chocolate.

Chocolate Company Nanga by Nature


We source our ingredients responsibly to support the health of our planet and everyone on it, using only organic or wild-crafted, plus fairly traded ingredients. Our line of snacking bark style chocolate is made using only non-gmo, organic, gluten free ingredients, as well as fair trade certified dark chocolate, vanilla, sugar, and tea and cocoa nibs. Through our continued support of Fair Trade USA and responsible sourcing of ingredients, each purchase of ChoNanga Chocolate Bark has an impact. From helping farmers get better prices, to educating rural children and keeping harmful pesticides out of the environment fair trade dollars go a long way. In addition we pledge 2% of our profits to organizations supporting our vision of a healthier planet, like the Sacred Valley Project which provides boarding and education to low income young women in rural Peru.

Sustainability is interwoven into our mission at Nanga Chocolate as we constantly strive to minimize our carbon footprint and impact on the environment through responsible ingredient sourcing, production practices, eco packaging materials and social / environmental philanthropic efforts.


  • We source our ingredients responsibly to minimize environmental impact and maximize health benefits. This is why we select organic and fair trade certified ingredients whenever possible. 
  • Our snacks are made of 100% certified organic ingredients and fair-trade chocolate. All Nanga chocolates are kosher and produced without any soy lecithin or emulsifiers.
  • Every ingredient is always Non-GMO. 
  • All products are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility, and are regularly lab tested to be gluten free.

Our aim is to operate efficiently to minimize our end waste in materials and food products. This is why we recycle or compost almost all potential waste. We participate in the EPA's food recovery challenge which encourages businesses to minimize or eliminate food waste, and raises the awareness of environmental, health, and nutritional impacts of wasted food.

* Packaging - All our product packaging is recyclable *

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