We don’t pretend to be good at everything … or even most things. But where we lack in geography bowl trophies we make up for by being really, really good at making candy-coated chocolate.

We’re all about sourcing the best ingredients and creating premium blends without any artificial ingredients, flavors or colors because the words “delicious” and “natural” can and should absolutely go together.

Pretty regular at everything else, but our candy game’s tight. And like any good little secret, sharing is always optional.

Peanut Butter Little Secrets



All of our candy is made with Fair Trade chocolate.


No Yellow No. 5 here. We use fruit + vegetable extracts to color our candies. (Don’t worry, they don’t taste like a salad bar.)


Non-GMO certification in process — stay tuned!


We leave the corn on the cob. (No corn syrup in any of our products!)


All of our flavors are made with 55% cocoa dark chocolate.


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Decades ago inside a corner store, a nine year old Chris Mears on roller blades stealthily slipped a piece of candy into the pocket of his jeans and rolled his way to the door. He was stopped, did his time, and reformed his ways, but his sincere love of chocolate still remains. Now a certified grown-up with a penchant for unwrapping candy bars mid-afternoon, Chris wanted to find a way to make his guilty pleasures less incriminating. And yea, verily, so became Little Secrets, an incredible candy brand that sources the best ingredients, says nahhh to any artificial anythings, and understands hiding a bag of our candy-coated chocolates in your top desk drawer.

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