About Us

La Fundidora was created with the pure intention of reviving the lost art of small-batch, traditional salsa-making.

Though salsas are readily available in the US, they have invariably lost their essence; instead becoming mass-produced, preservative-laden concoctions. In contrast, we craft our salsas by hand in small batches, using absolutely no chemicals, sweeteners or needless acidifiers in order to be able to stand by the taste and quality of every one of our jars.

We remain true to deep-rooted Mexican traditions. We see time-honored culinary heritage as the necessary and fundamental base upon which innovation can take place. We stand by our belief that less is more. We think once you've tasted our salsas you'll agree. We use only the freshest ingredients and hand-craft every jar of salsa in much the same way salsas have been made since time immemorial. Of course we use no preservatives or artificial flavorings whatsoever. All of our salsas are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher.

We are also committed to our communities. We work as much as possible with local producers and we aim to give back by donating a portion of our sales to charities that help women and children in need in both NYC and Mexico.



Though salsas are essentially simple, requiring only a handful of ingredients, they are an emblematic and indispensable part of Mexican gastronomic traditions. In one form or another salsas have been a staple in cuisines across the varied Mexican cultural landscape.

But beyond the culinary legacy represented by salsas and salsa-making, there is another, perhaps more important and interesting motive behind our effort. Salsas are not just perfect in their simplicity, they are in many ways tangible representations of an old alchemical process. The way in which seemingly commonplace ingredients interact with each other is nothing short of magical, giving way to a depth and brightness that is at first unexpected given the limited ingredients used to make our salsas.




Paying homage to this idea of alchemy, we chose to call our salsas La Fundidora (Spanish for The Foundry). Like salsas, foundries share this transformative process whereby several simple ingredients are melded together to create entirely different materials. Our salsas aim to highlight the transformations that often take place without us paying much attention.

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