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About Gatherer's

Gatherer's is from a place of flavor; a place where people stand resolute in their belief that things that are good for you should taste great too. Gatherer's granolas are not run of the mill, they are a cut above, the cream of the crop, made using the finest quality ingredients. Go ahead, take a bite and see for yourself. 

Gatherer's Ethos

Gatherer's began as a family recipe. The flavor that would later become Chipmunk's Choice became a favorite among my friends at college. 

One summer day in 2010, I introduced the granola at the Delmar Farmers Market near my home in upstate New York. It was purely on a whim, but it ended up catching on. Before I knew it, I had a customer base that expected me to continue baking for them. I was baking at night, using the kitchen at a local cafe where I was the manager during the day. At the same time, I was developing another web-based start-up company. 

The farmers market customers demanded more granola with every passing week, and some began to ask the obvious question, "why don't you sell this anywhere else?" 

It was an interesting notion, though I had no ambitions of baking granola for a living. Nevertheless, I decided to spend an afternoon trying my hand at wholesaling to local stores. By the end of that day, my granola was available on shelves at five local retailers. 

How Gatherer's Started

Two months later I decided to drop everything else I was doing and pursue the granola idea. I incorporated, though I still didn't know what to call the company. The name Gatherer's had yet to be thought up. 

At that point, I had one flavor built around peanut butter, almonds and maple syrup that I had jokingly named Chipmunk's Choice. The name was an attempt to poke fun at the way big cereal companies used animal mascots to attract the attention of children. The granola was only available in glass jars with homemade labels of a chipmunk eating an almond. There was a lot to do before anyone would confuse what I was doing with a brand. 

By the New Year, things were different. Squirrel Bait had been invented and we had an incredible graphic designer developing logos. Gatherer's Gourmet Granola became the brand with a unifying theme of fuzzy forest animals preparing for winter. 


Turning a hobby into a business

Gatherer's grows up

In early summer of 2012, Gatherer's moved into its own facility in Schenectady, New York. The new space allowed a customized baking process and dramatically increased capacity. It became clear that success would be defined by how many people could find Gatherer’s in their local supermarket. Thus began our mission to put Gatherer’s in every grocery store across the country.

From our humble beginnings selling directly to customers at farmers markets, Gatherer’s products rapidly gained national distribution. It is a point of pride for all of us at Gatherer’s to be able to share the family recipes we love with so many people.   

As the company has grown we have doubled down on our commitment to quality, the one factor that truly sets us apart from the competition. No matter how large Gatherer’s becomes, the unusually high quality of our products remains our defining characteristic. Don't take our word for it, taste and see for yourself.

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- Sandro Gerbini 
Gatherer's Founder and CEO

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