Bavaria is known for its Oktoberfest, beergarden culture, traditions and beer. For its indulgent lifestyle coupled with authenticity. Both at home and all over the world.

Bavaria is now one attraction richer: BBQUE. A barbecue sauce with a taste so honest and pure that Bavaria's King Ludwig would have lit up his grill immediately.


Quite simply: a genuine, high-quality original - with no artificial additives, with carefully selected local ingredients and free from colorants and preservatives. Not only the taste is royal: the stylish bottle with its hip flask design and practical dosing cap is equally impressive. It actually almost deserves its own small throne. The design and touch of this bottle is so soft and smooth that it feels even better in your hand than your favorite beer. BBQUE also keeps barbecue enthusiasts with special dietary requirements happy: our sauces are halal, kosher, and suitable for vegetarians. And because BBQUE contains no alcohol, people who enjoy a drink as part of the barbecue experience will have to open a bottle of beer! BBQUE turns barbecues into a special occasion. Fill up your grill with meat and vegetables and your garden will soon be the neighborhood hotspot.






For centuries it’s been an insider tip in Bavaria that besides tasting wonderfully refreshing, lingonberries are good for your skin and overall health.






Apples are multi talents. They provide protein, carbs, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Applesauce has always made a great accompaniment!






These all-rounders are healthy, for sure. Plums contain iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc. And they give our “Grill & Beechwood” sauce its irresistible taste.






Honey has been used as a sweetener ever since the Stone Age. That’s when barbecuing first got popular!






The soul of each and every beer. It is the malt that determines the color and taste of a beer, and even the consistency of the foam. Characteristics that will enhance but not overpower the natural flavors of your meat.






Hops not only provide a pleasantly bitter taste but also have a preserving effect. Brewers have known that since

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