About Us

Posted by Foodie City Network on Mar 3rd 2018

About Us

We are a small company (more like a family) as we are a husband & wife team, and we are truly honored by how much our Foodie Network has grown over the past 2 years now.... Please feel free to call, text, or email us anytime and let us know what you think of our specialty foods, and your overall experience with our foodie network – socializing with our customers is the most important part of our job, and we love to do it.

PS. We carry over 400+ specialty food brands and 3500+ food products from top food curators worldwide! We also share 5000+ delicious recipes to try from our "Taste & Test Kitchens". In addition, local support means everything to us – so please share Foodie City Network w/ your friends & family. Follow us on Twitter Instagram & Facebook Add to our email list

Thank you again for visiting with Foodie City Network and welcome to our foodie network family! #FoodieCityNetwork #CraveTasteEat

Kind Regards,

Mike & Anita

Founders, Foodie City Network - Crave.Taste.Eat.


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15590129-10211521493451910-1991019237235767409-n.jpg animikbc.jpg 13133210-10209336991160718-516129103622975201-n.jpg We love to wear our "Red Noses" as often as we can to create awareness, help end child poverty & child hunger! #RedNoseDay #RedNoseDayUSA Please help, show off your red noses - www.RedNoseDay.org Help Kids Leading Tough Lives‎

Mike & Anita

Founders of Foodie City Network

For Advertising, Listings, Banners & Social Media Programs please email anita@foodiecitynetwork.com

Also, Mike and I absolutely love all of our pets! So being passionate about food and drinks we are excited to list all of our favorite pet treats, goodies, bones, food etc! We have 5 dogs, a cat, chickens and a cockatoo bird!! Sizes vary from a Chiuhaha to 2 Great Danes!! And yes, as you can see we love riding our Harley Davidson Soft tail Breakout!!!

So please check back with us soon as we will be listing hundreds of amazing brands & products!

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