BBQUE Honey & Mustard BBQ Sauce

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BBQUE Honey & Mustard BBQ Sauce



"Honey & Mustard"

For those BBQ aficionados who like it sweet. Everyone who loves a tangy sweet taste will love this sauce. Looks good on poultry and fish – but of course it also goes really well with every other meat variety. And with vegetables. Or pure, straight from the bottle and directly into the mouth.

The combination of spicy mustard and delicately-sweet honey in this sauce turns every piece of meat into a true delight. A hint of garlic is the creation's proverbial "cherry on top". A true treat for the taste buds!



"The Original“

The original barbecue flavor with original Bavarian ingredients. Taste the joy of barbecuing!

Our recipe is unique: a mixture of lingonberries, beer, honey and applesauce delivers a Bavarian-American culinary delight that will get your taste buds tingling. Local ingredients give our sauce that typical Bavarian touch: ideal for barbecuing, marinating and dipping!




An open fireplace barbecue, the crackling sounds of beechwood under the grate and the rustic smell of wood in the air.

Distinctive, down-to-earth, intense – the combination of smoky barbecue and tasty plums adds the final touch to a great outdoor meal. The tastes of adventure, of freedom & nature, of cozy evenings round a bonfire: all come together in this smoky-aromatic taste experience. The perfect sauce for the barbecue enthusiast. True, pure barbecuing – no frills. But with that original barbecue feeling!


„Sweet and Tangy“

For sweet-toothed barbecue fanatics. If you like it sweet and tasty, you’ll love this sauce. Delicious on fish and chicken – but basically great on anything. Vegetables, too. Or straight from the bottle into your mouth!

The blend of tangy mustard and sweet honey makes all meats taste great. A pinch of garlic adds the final touch. A real palate please!


„Very Hot“

For all those who like it hot. Burns delicately on the tongue, triggers a firework of tastes and delivers a satisfying afterglow.

A lot of work for the taste buds: barbecue flavor with the distinctive pungent taste of Bavarian horseradish and the intensity of chili. This unique sauce not only lights the fire once, but makes for a singular taste experience that lingers in your mouth. For a hot-spicy barbecue experience and a spiciness that becomes addictive. Wild, fiery, distinctive. A must-have for barbecue fans looking for heat.