16/20 Size Wild-Caught Peeled & Deveined Raw Brown Gulf Shrimp - 2 lb

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16/20 Size Wild-Caught Peeled & Deveined Raw Brown Gulf Shrimp - 2 lb

Texas Gold 2 lb. 

ships frozen

Offer your guests the epitome of quality shrimp with these Texas Gold 5 lb. 16/20 size wild-caught raw brown gulf shrimp! Brown shrimp boast a stronger, richer flavor profile than either white or pink shrimp. They are firmer in texture, earthier in flavor, and are sustainably managed and responsibly wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico per U.S. regulation. These shrimp are extra-jumbo in size, with 16 to 20 shrimp per pound. They come with the tail-on to maximize the amount of meat in your dishes without sacrificing the convenience of coming peeled and deveined for effortless preparation!

Treat your guests to a cool and flavorful shrimp ceviche with lemon juice, onion, tomato, serrano peppers, and cilantro! Activate your culinary creativity by using these shrimp as a topping for seafood pizza, salad, and hearty pasta dishes. Alternatively, easily prepare an appetizer of crispy coconut shrimp kebabs paired with your signature dipping sauce! These shrimp are shipped raw and IQF (individually quick frozen) to best preserve their freshness, as well as to prevent large ice crystals, or blocks, from forming. This allows you to easily thaw only the shrimp you need when grilling, boiling, sauteing, broiling, or steaming them. Not only are they convenient, versatile, and delicious, they are rich in protein and key nutrients, as well as low in calories. For a versatile menu item that adds nutritional value to any meal, stock your kitchen with these Texas Gold brown gulf shrimp!

Texas Gold is the premier domestic brand of wild-caught shrimp. They catch their brown gulf shrimp directly from the domestic gulf of the United States for superior quality and freshness over imported verities. With speed and care, shrimp are immediately headed and frozen onboard each boat. After 3 stringent quality control checks, this Texas Gold brown shrimp can make its way to your restaurant, bar, or bistro. No matter how you prepare them, your customers will love the fresh, quality taste of these Texas Gold brown gulf shrimp!