The Organic Gluten Free pizza crust mix is a just add water and olive oil mix for the adventurous at home pizzaiolo.

Perfect for the home pizzaiolo. This pizza crust mix allows the home baker to have professional level pizza in their own kitchen. Works well in all types of ovens. 6 servings per container

Just add your water…mix and ferment. Making pizza dough couldn’t be much easier.

Made with organic malted wheat flour, sea salt, yeast. 
Allergen information: this product contains wheat. (vegan) 

Created by Maestro Pizzaiolo Fabrizio Cercatore, Passione Pizza is a brand that specializes in true, high quality pizza ingredients that come straight from the culinary traditions of Italy. Fabrizio puts his fifteen years of pizza making expertise into every product, providing everyone the opportunity to make consistently superb pizza at home or in the restaurant.

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