Doctor Kracker Organic Crispbreads Variety Pack, 3 Flavors, 7-ounces each (Pack of 3) 

  • Doctor Kracker Organic Crispbreads Variety Pack
  • One box each of Seedlander, Klassic 3 Seed and Seeded Spelt
  • 18g of Whole Grain per serving with 100% Whole Grain made with Organic Whole Grains and Organic Whole seeds
  • Good source of Fiber (cholesterol reducing soluble fiber and digestive friendly, whole grain fiber)
  • Each box is 7 ounces; 1 box of each flavor per Variety Pack

Inspired by traditional European Crispbreads and American's desire for tasty whole grain foods, Dr. Kracker bakes its products with a blend of nature's best organic whole grains and seeds. Seedlander combines the favorite flavor of pumpkin and poppy seeds with whole millet grains; Klassic 3 Seed emphasizes the natural goodness and the nutty flavor of organic flaxseeds, sunflowers seeds and sesame seeds and the delicious hearty flavor of organic whole wheat; and Seeded Spelt flatbread is baked with organic spelt flour with the rich, buttery flavor of sunflower seeds. Each Variety Pack contains 3 boxes, 1 each of Seedlander, Klassic 3 Seed and Seeded Spelt.

Dr. Kracker was founded in 2003 in Dallas, Texas by a group of European and American bakers with a unique love for Artisan breads. It was their experience and passion that brought them together in the pursuit of bringing true European Crispbreads to the North American market. The vision of marrying the European time tested process of artisan baking with the desire and need for healthier Crispbreads, flatbreads and snacks created what has become Dr. Kracker today. Dr. Kracker’s continued growth and success led to the company opening a new larger bakery in Plano, TX in 2010. This new bakery is dedicated to producing nothing but the highest quality health orientated Crispbreads and snacks in an eco-friendly environment.


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