Minerva Dairy Robust Cheese Collection


  • 1 lb. Smoked Maplewood Gouda
  • 1 lb. Smoked Maplewood Raw Milk Cheddar
  • 1 lb. Smoked Maplewood Minerva Swiss Lace
  • 1 lb. Farmer’s Butter Cheese

Minerva Dairy, is the oldest, most established butter dairy in the U.S., celebrating 125 years of success. Minerva Dairy butter is unique in that it’s naturally cultured, has a deeper flavor due to the 84% butterfat, gets its milk from local, pasture-raised farms, and is entering its 6th generation of family ownership.

Sharp, smoked and creamy – you can have it all in this robust cheese series! Substitute any recipe that calls for mozzarella with our creamy Farmer’s Butter Cheese, or put our Smoked Gouda on a burger to take it to the next level! This collection is perfect for cheese lovers everywhere. 


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