Celebrity Blueberry Cinnamon Chevre Goat Cheese Log - 12/Case

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Celebrity Blueberry Cinnamon Chevre Goat Cheese Log - 12/Case

4.0 oz

Indulge your senses and get lost in the rich, creamy, flavorful experience of enjoying Celebrity Goat blueberry cinnamon goat cheese! Made with 100% pure, fresh goat milk, this spreadable cheese has a tangy yet remarkably mild flavor and an exceptionally rich, creamy mouthfeel. For a deliciously sweet twist on plain chevre, Celebrity Goat has enveloped this lush cheese in a blend of juicy, sweet blueberries and spicy cinnamon that makes for a succulently sweet treat! The tart, sweet flavor of the berries is balanced by the wonderfully creamy goat cheese, resulting in an unmistakably rich mouthfeel for a uniquely satisfying indulgence! Best of all, goat cheese has more calcium and less fat than cow cheese, making it a delicious and healthy option.

This versatile cheese makes a great addition to any menu! It's perfect for serving on a cheese plate or charcuterie board accompanied by almonds, candied ginger, figs, or fresh mint and basil. This soft cheese can also be spread across crackers, bagels, or toast, all of which can be embellished with gourmet toppings to create a show-stopping hors d'oeuvre, or served plain for a refined snack (try adding a touch of lemon zest to boost the complexity!). When pairing beverages with this blueberry goat cheese, keep in mind that its rich creaminess is complemented by crisp white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc. However, goat cheese is also slightly acidic, which means it also lends itself well to pairing with beer - the unique fats found in goat's milk are particularly good at coating the mouth, allowing you to enjoy both the mild flavor of the cheese and the robust hoppiness of an ale or lager at the same time! To incorporate the silky richness of this goat's cheese into your menu, consider serving it atop your signature salads, spreading over trendy toasts topped with ingredients like basil, fig, and prosciutto, crumbling atop pancakes, or spreading over crepes! It also makes an unexpectedly delicious addition to salmon: try broiling the fish for 6-8 minutes, then top with goat cheese and return to a broiler for two minutes, or until the goat cheese melts. It can even be incorporated into desserts like especially rich cheesecakes, puddings, or blueberry pie or galette. Whether this goat cheese is incorporated into an elaborate entree or served simply atop a cracker, this lush cheese is sure to transport your patrons to a world of indulgent flavor! For your convenience, this product comes in pre-portioned packages.

Since 1987, Celebrity Goat has used 100% pure goat's milk from family-run farms in Ontario, Canada to produce the finest goat cheeses and butters. Their products are recognized around the world for their superior quality, flavor, and purity, a success that they attribute largely to their commitment to taking care of their farmers and herds. Celebrity Goat's farmers care about keeping their animals happy and healthy, and their products are made by hand, not by machines, a difference that you can taste in all of their goat milk products! Celebrity Goat's line of creatively flavored goat cheeses and goat butter is made using the highest quality ingredients for deliciously consistent flavor you can count on.

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