BBQUE Variety Pack - Original BBQ, Honey Mustard, Chili & Horseradish, Grill & Beechwood Flavors

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BBQUE Variety Pack - Original BBQ, Honey Mustard, Chili & Horseradish, Grill & Beechwood Flavors


"The Original“

The original barbecue flavor with original Bavarian ingredients. Taste the joy of barbecuing!

Our recipe is unique: a mixture of lingonberries, beer, honey and applesauce delivers a Bavarian-American culinary delight that will get your taste buds tingling. Local ingredients give our sauce that typical Bavarian touch: ideal for barbecuing, marinating and dipping!



An open fireplace barbecue, the crackling sounds of beechwood under the grate and the rustic smell of wood in the air.

Distinctive, down-to-earth, intense – the combination of smoky barbecue and tasty plums adds the final touch to a great outdoor meal. The tastes of adventure, of freedom & nature, of cozy evenings round a bonfire: all come together in this smoky-aromatic taste experience. The perfect sauce for the barbecue enthusiast. True, pure barbecuing – no frills. But with that original barbecue feeling!


„Sweet and Tangy“

For sweet-toothed barbecue fanatics. If you like it sweet and tasty, you’ll love this sauce. Delicious on fish and chicken – but basically great on anything. Vegetables, too. Or straight from the bottle into your mouth!

The blend of tangy mustard and sweet honey makes all meats taste great. A pinch of garlic adds the final touch. A real palate please!


„Very Hot“

For all those who like it hot. Burns delicately on the tongue, triggers a firework of tastes and delivers a satisfying afterglow.

A lot of work for the taste buds: barbecue flavor with the distinctive pungent taste of Bavarian horseradish and the intensity of chili. This unique sauce not only lights the fire once, but makes for a singular taste experience that lingers in your mouth. For a hot-spicy barbecue experience and a spiciness that becomes addictive. Wild, fiery, distinctive. A must-have for barbecue fans looking for heat.


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