8 Pints of Proof Alcohol Ice Cream - Special Order

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Adult Signature Required
All PROOF Alcohol Ice Cream flavors contain up to 5% alcohol by volume and can only be consumed by those who are 21+. Adult signature is required upon delivery via UPS Overnight Air; packages will not be left at the door. Deliveries will be made by 10:30 am local time.


Mocha Chocolate Moonshine Ice Cream - 1 Pint

Nothing short of a match made in heaven, we’ve combined our chocolate obsession with world-class distilled spirits from our fine, fun-loving friends in Tennessee.

Apple Pie Moonshine Ice Cream - 1 Pint

 We cater to both uncompromising connoisseurs, and novelty seeking adventurers alike. Our mouth-watering Apple Pie Moonshine is an excellent example of quality meeting creativity.

Bourbon Caramel Ice Cream - 1 Pint

Smooth, sophisticated and rich in spirits, this easy-eating crowd favorite can easily be devoured in one sitting. We strongly suggest sharing, even if it’s just with your piece of pie.

Strawberry Moonshine Ice Cream - 1 Pint

Die-hard spirits lovers have a new sweet obsession with this creamy, dreamy duo. A rich celebration of flavor, this fresh-forward dessert takes comfort food to a whole new level.


As classic as a Hallmark movie, this memorable flavor gives you more than just a rich dessert. It’s a rich dessert with a cherry on top.


Bold and nutty. Sweet and savory. This holiday favorite gives new meaning to the words opposites attract.

Blackberry Moonshine Ice Cream - 1 Pint

If you’ve ever tasted blackberries picked straight from a bush, you’ll understand our sweet obsession with this quintessential pairing that tastes like summertime, every time..

Cheesecake Moonshine Ice Cream - 1 Pint

Indulgent in every way, spoonfuls of this rich, decadent concoction create the perfect crowd-pleaser, whether you’re hosting twenty close friends or just two..

Coconut Rum Ice Cream - 1 Pint

Easy to enjoy whether you’re on the boat, the beach, or at a lakeside party, this mouthwatering flavor reminds us to kick back, turn up the music, and savor the season as long as we can. 


Coming Soon.....

We’re currently working on several different flavors to tickle your taste buds with.

After all, variety is the spice of life!

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