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Buzz Pop Cocktails is a Las Vegas Based, chef inspired company that has turned signature cocktails, through its patent pending processes, into five-star restaurant quality Italian Sorbets. Buzz Pop Cocktails are a fresh and invigorating twist on two very popular Summer items: sorbets and premium liquors. The company’s no mess, retro-style, see through push-pops allow for your customers to enjoy Buzz Pops as a frozen dessert or allow the sorbet to melt and drink as a smooth, flavorful shot. Each Buzz Pop Cocktail contains the equivalent of a full drink (15% alcohol per volume).


What the buzz is all about.

Buzz Pop Cocktails are all-natural, gourmet sorbets made exclusively with fresh fruits and premium liquors. Buzz Pops contain NO Artificial Flavors, NO Artificial Colors and NO High Fructose Corn Syrup. Buzz Pop Cocktails are fat-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly. Over seventy-five different flavors are available on a seasonal rotation throughout the year. We also offer a bespoke, signature series of flavors for unique events and clients.




It can be argued that the desire to be an entrepreneur is, in its own way, a special type of madness. First, one must have the vision to create or improve upon an existing product. Second, one must have the courage to take a first step out into the unknown, uncertain how the world will receive their vision. Third, one must possess the quality of of leadership in order to find, develop and inspire a team who can ultimately create success for a company.


Founder: One that establishes, starts or begins.


The Buzz Pop Cocktails Founders have each displayed vision, courage and leadership in the creation of our Company. Chef Jason Isaacs possessed the vision and skills to understand the opportunity presented, the knowledge to do the impossible and, more importantly, the connections to make Buzz Pop Cocktails a reality. CEO Joseph Isaacs possessed the vision, capital, business experience and leadership to give direction to our brand.


The Buzz Pop Cocktails Founders are extremely proud of the team we have assembled to ensure Buzz Pop Cocktails can be responsibly enjoyed by millions of party-goers and fun-seekers around the world. We look forward to each and every one of you “Licking your way to paradise” as you indulge our fresh fruit and premium alcohol infused sorbets. We have created the only all natural Adult Push Pop on the planet made with 15% premium spirits.


Buzz Pop Cocktails CEO Joseph Isaacs

Joseph Isaacs – CEO

Joseph Isaacs – CEO, is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and marketing genius. Mr. Isaacs has successfully created, grown and exited multiple businesses and industries during a career that has spanned 40+ years. His vision and creativity created the largest Telecommunications regulatory consulting firm in the USA in 1996. Through partnerships and an international clientele he was responsible for facilitating billions of dollars in infrastructure sales to telecommunications carriers. He is an expert at many facets of building business and creating new and exciting market categories.


He has mentored and helped others throughout the years obtain success. He is a self made, self taught, highly motivated and laser focused guy who retired the first time at 45. After his first retirement, Joseph went on to built a real estate empire of rental single family homes for his family throughout Florida. He loves being involved with start-ups and is considered by many an expert at out-of-the-box thinking, business structures, contracts, marketing, networking, new product development, sales and management and creating strategic alliances. Some of his previous endeavors included swimwear, community banking, telecommunications regulatory consulting, dessert cafes, franchising, construction and real estate.


His latest passion and focus is Buzz Pops where he is leading the charge and taken on the responsibilities of the company’s senior management. He is helping his son, Chef Jason build an empire.

Jason Isaacs - Buzz Pop COcktails co-founder and COO

Chef Jason Isaacs 

Although Jason pursued his passion for the culinary arts from a young age, it is clear the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the Isaacs family. When introduced to the Buzz Pop Cocktail concept, Jason immediately recognized the amazing opportunity present in the marketplace for a high alcohol content sorbet. Working hand and hand with his Father, Joseph, the Buzz Pop Cocktails team was assembled and the product became a reality.


Jason is a Master Chef and the official Buzztender for Buzz Pop Cocktails. A graduate of CSN in both the culinary arts and pastry design, Jason is excited to share the delicious flavors of Buzz Pop Cocktails with the world.


Jason is responsible for the company’s production facility and will act as the COO.